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Junior figure skaters with Sherwood Park Skating Club advance their fundamental figure skating skills, learning more complex jumps, spins, and other elements. 

Our figure skaters gain more independence, working through small group settings with hands-on coaching, and gradually move into more self-directed practice time, complemented by private and semi-private coaching. Our nationally-certified coaches take pride in their students and work with our athletes to enhance their learning experience. 

Junior figure skaters will progress through the STAR Skate curriculum and will begin learning the fundamentals of ice dance.  Junior figure skaters will also work towards having a solo figure skating program to showcase their skills and are provided the opportunity to compete and perform through the Sherwood Park Skating Club. Included with your registration is both on-ice group instruction, as well as off-ice conditioning that includes Jump classes and Ballet. 


Contact us for more information or register now if you are ready to advance your figure skating skills! 

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