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Skaters attending our sessions will have more fun and advance faster if they are properly and safely equipped. This means making sure that:

  • Skates fit comfortably

  • There is room for toes to wiggle slightly

  • Heels do not lift inside the skate more than ¼ inch

  • An adult finger can fit in the top of the boot when done up

  • Excess laces are tucked or tied up so that they do not hang loose or drag on the ice.

  • Double over hooks or double knot for longer laces to avoid wrapping laces around the ankle

  • The skater can stand and walk on their skates keeping their ankles straight

  • Molded (plastic) boots should be avoided

Equipment Care
To protect the skate blades, skate guards should be worn in any area that is not protected by rubber mats. At the end of every session the blades should be wiped with a dry cloth to prevent rusting. After wiping the blade do not store the skates in wet guards. Skate Sharpening should be done periodically. These are the skate shops we recommend:


A CSA approved hockey helmet must be worn by all powerskaters. Please make sure the helmet is not too tight or too loose with all straps fastened and long hair kept away from the face. Full cage is required.


Full hockey/ringette equipment, including hockey/ringette sticks are required. Please watch that you do not send your child onto the ice with gum, candy or food in their mouth as this is a choking hazard. We thank you for your cooperation and feel free to email us if you have additional questions

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