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Sherwood Park Skating Club’s Pre-CanSkate programs are designed for skaters 3 to 4 years old who are just beginning.  No prior skating experience is needed, and our certified coaches will offer an introduction to basic skating skills. Skaters will learn to move on the ice, stand up when they fall, skate forwards and backwards, jump, and march on the ice.   

Our approach to programming for our youngest skaters helps to build confidence on the ice and is designed to provide a fun experience that will have skaters excited for each class! 

Skaters will be able to move at their own pace with hands-on coaching that will use a variety of activities, interactive games and lessons, and toys and play instruments, all with upbeat child-friendly music playing to encourage their movement!

As your skater progresses through Skate Canada’s award-winning curriculum, they will be offered ribbons and report cards to mark their achievements. 

Contact us for more information or register now if you are ready to join the fun! 

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