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Sherwood Park Skating Club 

Sherwood Park Skating Club (SPSC) Member
Members are those skaters (CanSkate, Starskate and Competitive) who skate in either the Glen Allan Recreation Centre or Millennium Place Recreation Centre and are registered with Skate Canada as members of the SPSC.

Member in Good Standing

To be a member in good standing, all club members must pay, within 30 days, all club fees and coaching fees.

SPSC Registration Policy - Figure Skating

All schedules subject to change - The SPSC reserves the right to cancel programs due to insufficient registrations. 


Skate Canada Membership Fee:

Each skater is required to pay a $58.65 yearly Skate Canada Membership/Insurance and will be added to registration fees. This fee is renewable each year and runs from September 1st to August 31st. Skaters personal and skating data will be shared with Skate Canada as one becomes a member of Skate Canada.



From time to time, the SPSC will take photos and/or videos of sessions, in particular, during theme days and special club events. By signing the waiver, you are agreeing that these photos/videos may be used for promotional purposes for the club and may involve club social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, or SPSC website.  I further understand that SPSC may include my child's name on its website for purposes such as good luck and congratulations notices without the need to seek further permission.

SPSC Recreation Registration Policy - Canskate and Powerskate​

All schedules subject to change - The SPSC reserves the right to cancel programs due to insufficient registrations.

Cancellation Policy:

​The Skate Canada Membership fee/admin fee is non-refundable.

All cancellations are subject to a $50 withdrawal fee.

For STARSkate and Competitive Skate, all cancellations are subject to a $50 withdrawal fee and outstanding program fees owing on two months. Please carefully review the cancellation fee prior to registering. 

NO REFUNDS, except at the discretion of the SPSC.

NO MAKE UP CLASSES for missed classes or sessions.

It is MANDATORY for all skaters to wear a CSA approved helmet. Cages are highly recommended. If a skater does not have a CSA approved helmet, they will be asked to leave the ice.

Refund Policy

It is understood and agreed that the SPSC shall not be liable for injury or loss occasioned by the member while travelling to or participating in skating practices, competitions, or other activities, nor shall SPSC and Skate Canada be responsible for any damages or losses caused by the member at the same time. The member and/or members parent(s)/legal guardian agrees to indemnify the SPSC and Skate Canada and hold it harmless from any claims or demands in such respect of loss or damage. The member agrees to abide by all the rules of the Club and Skate Canada as set forth in the rule book of the association, and to be responsible and to pay promptly for all lessons booked by the skater/parent/guardian.

All schedules are subject to change - There shall be no refund in the event that the skating sessions are cancelled due to mechanical failure, tests, or other activities of the club. In the event Alberta Health Services, Skate Canada, Strathcona County or SPSC imposes any restrictions or experiences a decline in revenue (due to COVID-19) SPSC may have to adjust number / days / hours that skaters may participate. In this case, fees may remain the same. 

Membership Pause

Upon commencement of skating sessions/seasons, no refund will be given except for injury or illness that keeps the skater off the ice for more than 3 weeks with proof of a doctor's note and is subject to a $50.00 administration fee

Retired Skater or Club Transfer

All refunds are subject to a cancellation penalty of 2 monthly payments. In this event, ALL fundraising commitments must be honoured, deposit cheques will be processed in the case of non-participation. Refunds will exclude the Skate Canada Membership Fee. ALL REQUESTS MUST BE SUBMITTED IN WRITING. All refunds are subject to a $50.00 administration fee.


N.S.F. Fee
There is a $25.00 service fee charged for N.S.F. Cheques.


Club Rules and Safety Guidelines

  • Skaters must abide by the rules and safety guidelines posted at the club

  • Right of way on the ice: 1st coaches; 2nd skaters receiving lessons; 3rd skaters doing programs

  • Get up immediately when you fall, as it is dangerous to remain on the ice surface

  • Kicking the ice surface will not be tolerated

  • There can be no skaters on the ice when the Zamboni is on the ice

  • Do not stand on the ice to visit. Do your visiting in the dressing rooms

  • Food and drink (except water bottles) are not allowed on or near the ice surface

  • No Freeskate during Dance time

  • No Freeskate or Dance during Skills time

  • No Dance or Skills during Freeskate time

  • Only skaters and coaches may enter the ice area

  • Programs will be played once per session and more often only if time allows

  • Music requests made by coaches during a lesson will take precedence

  • Abuse of the music equipment will not be tolerated

  • Profanity, foul language, intimidation, slander, abusive behaviour, or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated on the ice or in the building

  • Individuals are responsible for their own valuables

  • Please keep the rink and dressing rooms clean – use garbage containers

  • All non-participating minors must be under the direct supervision of a parent or guardian while on the premises


Please remember that these policies are in place for everyone's benefit. This is your club and safety is everyone’s responsibility. Continuous violation of club rules and safety guidelines may result in a suspension from the club.

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